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21st Century – Today’s generation is leading a monotonous life being busy, engaging ourselves into so many things at the same time that we do have a hectic schedule and change our STATE of MIND from being BUSY to BUSIER and BUSIEST. There was a time when poets like William Wordsworth, Rabindranath Tagore or Shakespeare used to write poems on Natural beauty, in their own words defining the environment which is the best creation of GOD. But we are in such a situation/condition that we neither have time to enjoy the beauty of nature created by GOD nor read the Poems written by these writers. I remember a poem “LEISURE” which was written by W. H. Davies, which i read during my school days where the poet defined that we don’t have time to enjoy the leisure. The poem goes as below.


    What is this life if, full of care,
    We have no time to stand and stare.

    No time to stand beneath the boughs
    And stare as long as sheep or cows.

    No time to see, when woods we pass,
    Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass.

    No time to see, in broad daylight,
    Streams full of stars, like skies at night.

    No time to turn at Beauty’s glance,
    And watch her feet, how they can dance.

    No time to wait till her mouth can
    Enrich that smile her eyes began.

    A poor life this if, full of care,
    We have no time to stand and stare


A newly born baby, lives his/her life, is not aware of the state of being “Happy” or “Sad”, not aware of the “cruel” world, not aware of the word “Politics”, not aware of the term “inflation” or “deflation”, not aware of the financial condition of being “rich” or “poor”, not aware of getting a job and earn “money”, is free from all the obstacles, will act the way one wants, won’t care for anyone. But what if the baby steps into pre-school? What if the same child enters to school and then high school? What if the same child has to appear for boards? What if the same child steps into college? The same guy attains maturity from being child to an adult, now has to search for a job to serve his livelihood and satisfy the wants and desires? The same adult, gets married and settle his life from being single to married. The same adult, has now a child and the child will follow the cycle right from the starting till. But, did we missed anything? Did we manage or get involved into any other activities? Did we find time for Leisure? Did we helped the person who needs help? Did we do anything extra which was not as per the Plan and Schedule? My answer is No, i did not, what about you? Did you?


Why are we so busy into our lives? Are we so busy that we cannot spare 1 hour for ourselves out of 24 hours? Why are we running so much for money? Does money satisfy all our needs? If yes, does it satisfy our happiness in all the way we wanted or desired? I guess we are fulfilling our life by saving or earning money, days, weeks, months and years passes and now we have reached to the end and say Good Bye to all regretting “I wish.. I could have…”

“The clock never runs backward, hence the days and time spent, wont come back again”.

Live your life to the fullest and cherish your dreams – Cheers!!



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Refugees in our own country?   Leave a comment

In big cities, Saturdays and Sundays are boring if a person don’t have much to do and he don’t have relatives and close friends as well. When a person is married and everything is settled, he will stay at home or might go out with his wife and have a wonderful dinner in the evening. But what if he is a bachelor? He would prefer to go out with his friends to the hottest and happening place to stress out all the tensions. Who don’t? Don’t you? How long can you sit idle at your room/home? Can you?

When you are with your friends you might look at beautiful girls, i mean of course you will look at them. Your friend or you might prefer to go to a pub and spend a good time listening to the rocking music and cheer up yourself for the few hours leaving your stress and tensions behind. You might be offered for a booze or you might offer your friend a booze to add lights and stars in your party.

While returning from your party back to home, you might meet some cops on the way. They might ask you few questions which you need to answer. After the question answer round, you will return home and will sleep nice. I missed out something, let me rewind back a step before and narrate the real story.

Two friends of mine, were coming from M.G. road after a booze party and they met two cops on their way while returning back. The cops stopped the auto-rickshaw and asked them to get down. My friends got down from the auto and the first question they were put by the cops was “Do you people know Kannada”? My friends answered “No”

Cops: Where are you coming from?

Friend : MG Road.

Cops : Why did you go there?

Friend : We went there for a hangout.

Cops: You people are drunk!! Aren’t you?

Friend : Yes, we are.

Cops : You need to pay fine.

Friend : For what reason? Are we driving the auto? Drinking and Driving is an offense not “drinking and sitting in an auto”.

Cops : The cops hold and smelled their hands and said “You people have consumed Marijuana”

Friend : No, we haven’t. You can smell it further if you still doubt?

Cops : You need to pay me Rs. 6000/-

Friend : For what reason?

Cops: Show your cell phone?

Friend : Shows the cell phone?

Cops : Whose contact number is this? Who contact number is that? Why did you made call?

Friend : Its my friend’s number and its my personal wish i made a call to them

Cops: Show your wallets?

Friend : Passed the wallets to them to verify

Cops : Found a condom in one of the friend’s wallet and the cop said, “keeping condom in wallets is illegal“. Cops said that they will take them into Police Station and charge them else they need to pay some money as a bribe.

Friends Somehow argued and tried to convince them that they haven’t done anything wrong but they were so much afraid that they instead arguing or fighting for their rights, paid Rs. 2000/- to the Cops and came back home.

I would like to ask few things: –

1. After drinking, coming back home in an auto is an offense?

– Why there are only hoardings for “DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE” why not for “DRINK AND DON’T GO HOME IN AN AUTO”

2. Smoking in Private or non public area is an offense?

– When people smoke in Public areas, pubs, bars and restaurant is not an offense?

3. Harassing common people for no reasons is not an offense?

– People IN POWER and WITH POWER can only harass COMMON PEOPLE with COMMON POWER, not with BIG SHOTS or GIANTS with HUGE POWER

4. Keeping a condom in one’s wallet is an offense?

– Why do Indian Government advertise “Use CONDOM to avoid AIDS, UNWANTED PREGNANCIES and PREVENT FROM SEX DISEASE“? Isn’t this ad illegal provoking people to buy condoms?

(If one person is carrying a KNIFE and he is on the way to his home that does not mean that he has murdered someone or he is going to kill someone)

5. For not knowing the local language is an offense?

– In India, HINDI is the common language which is almost spoken over the country, then why the COPS do not know Hindi? Why do they expect us to speak in their local language? Why do they harass people who cant speak the local language?

6. Migrating from one city to another for job, business or education is an offense?

If this is an offense, then RIGHT TO FREEDOM, RIGHT TO EQUALITY, RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF RELIGION, CULTURAL AND EDUCATIONAL RIGHTS should be removed from our FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS because all co-relates to each other some or the other way.

7. LAST but not the LEAST, taking BRIBE is not an offense? If they don’t follow the law then they aren’t law abiding citizen.

– India is divided into linguistic basis like People from Gujrat are Gujratis, people from Maharashtra are Marathis, people from Tamil Nadu are Tamilians or people from Karnataka are Kannadiga etc. So, this does not mean that a Gujrati don’t have the right to move from Gujrat and shift to Maharashtra. Before moving does he need to ensure that he knows Marathi? Does he need to change his caste and follow the same culture as Marathis do follow? Does he need to adopt the lifestyle which marathi people follow? Or does he need to pay tax to the localities or the Police authorities for working or studying there?

Changing the outfits will not change the mentality.

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14th Nov – Happy Childrens day??   Leave a comment

All, Happy Children’s day!! Huh!! I know we are no more children but still can give a thought to the nostalgic moments shared in the past.

A day back saw everyone in FB and Whatsapp, changing their DP which was clicked couple of decades back when they were a kid. There was a joy in everyone’s face celebrating the day but the sorrow was a step ahead. The time has once again come reminding them that they are no more children. The sentence which was stressed out more was “YOU ARE GETTING OLDER” no matter even though you apply aging creams, lotions, ayurvedic stuffs or blah blah blah. Your looks can tell other that you are still young but you cannot lie yourself. Saying others that you are still 16 will not make you 16 when you are not. How can you prevent your hairs getting greyed naturally? Can you?

The most wonderful moment was the time when we were born. We had nothing to do with INFLATION or DELFATION, WAR or PEACE, even do not had to worry about the onion price if it goes to Rs 120 per KG? Our stubbornness made our parents to fulfill our wishes despite of the issues around or surround. The time when we grew up and started understanding basic things, we were sent to Pre-School. The tensions started since then which will last till our last breath. The tensions phases are inconsistent which are divided into categories like MINOR, MILD, MODERATE or MAJOR. For every individual, even though the tension is minor he/she would consider it as a major because the respective person don’t want any obstacles in his/her life irrespective of the tensions into their life. The very interesting fact is that the person thinks that he/she is over flooded with tensions into his/her life and he/she feels that he/she is the only one who is having lot of tensions when compared to others. I had read a Geeta slok where Lord Krishna was explaining the LAW OF KARMA to Arjun stating that “nothing in this world is permanent”. I would like to conclude few which i have personally observed, neither HAPPY  MOMENT nor SAD, neither YOUTH nor OLD, neither PAST/PRESENT nor FUTURE, neither YOU nor I, change is the law of nature. Unfortunately but very Fortunate,  LOVE is also not even permanent now a days.

Tensions comes into series from Being alone to make friends, going school, coming back from school, doing homeworks, tuitions, preparing for exams, boards, +2, love life, choosing appropriate career, getting into colleges, conflicts between and among friends, attendance, attending classes, preparing notes, clearing exams, getting a job or starting/continuing the business, marriage, children, getting elder and older, last but not the least the final preparation and waiting for the right time so that the stairs to Hell or Heaven can be provided or visibility can be seen according to the KARMA one has done.

Now looking back through to the entire two and a half decade, either i wish to be at young age from month one until age three or else i would like to continue my journey from here where i am currently so that i can continue the half further however everyone have their own perceptions.

Let’s forget everything for a day, or for a while and cherish our life. Behave and act like a kid if it feels good to you, don’t bother about what world is going to think about you because at the end of the day, its your happiness which matters and i am sure that the world will be jealous of your happiness. Don’t expect them to be nice with you as well. Cheers!! Live your life to the fullest.

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Adieu!!   Leave a comment

Adieu, What is it? The first time i saw this word in Corporate world and i got excited to know the meaning. When searched on Google i came to know that it means Goodbye” or “Farewell“.  Thanks to Larry Page for introducing “Google and Thank God it has not come up with a MANUAL, else i would have been still searching for the meaning. 🙂

I am overwhelmed to orate few lines for you, Sukesh!!.

It has been a pleasure working with you. You have been a positive vibe in our team. I have learnt a lot working with you and I would like to keep this amazing experience with me forever.

You have been a inspiration and a scholar and have always motivated us with your genius. I have always admired your caliber and ability to cope well with difficulties and face a demanding situation in a very flexible way. Your absence cant fill this void in Wipro but I hope you achieve zenith success and attainments throughout your career. You may thrive any test of times and reach the highest point in your professional career.

You are an excellent Techie and you have a great Managerial Skills and trust me, this is known to all. The way you express your thoughts/ideas, is really incredible. You have the ability to get what you want, in short, you can manipulate easily, not everyone has this skill at least.

I hope you also had great time working with us too.

Nevertheless Keep Rocking and Enjoy Your Life. All the best for your future endeavors.


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GIRLS are from VENUS?   Leave a comment

Today, after  TWO AND A HALF  DECADE I realized that it is very hard to understand GIRLS.  I felt like BOYS are from MARS and GIRLS are from VENUS.  Even GOD was, i mean is, i mean still not able to understand WOMEN so how can we expect that we can? If you don’t agree with me then you are COMPLETE FEMINIST. WOMEN should come with MANUALS.

Girls are very COMPLICATED and are very COMPLEX in nature and i must add that they are very MOODY.  They are a complete set of QUESTIONNAIRE, wherein a GUY will feel that he is sitting in a FBI Bureau and answering those questions.  Even if the questions are simple but whatever the guy answers, there arises two more questions. For Instance :-

Girl :- Did you miss me?

Boy :- Oh Yes, I did.

Girl :- You are lying. You didn’t. If you would have missed me, you would have TEXTED me.

Boy :- I was actually trying.. (The girl took over the conversation and she is not allowing the guy to speak. She started speaking and she stopped almost after 102 days, i remember exactly after 102 days, 23 hours,  51 minutes and 38 seconds and yes, i mean it)

GIRLS are very CONFUSED but are very DETERMINED about what they want :- For Instance :-

GIRL :- I am very HUNGRY!!!

BOY :-  What would you like to EAT?

GIRL :- Anything of your choice.


GIRL :- No, i don’t want to eat CHEESE, i will become FAT.


GIRL :- I WOULD LOVE TO, but this also contains FATS. And you know i am on DIET, have already gained much.

BOY :- Then why don’t you order something of your choice?


BOY :- (LOST his HUNGER when he heard FINGER CHIPS)


There are some consequences of the reactions as follows :-

  • When a girl ask you a question, no matter whatever you answer, but FOR GRANTED the answer will be wrong.
  • If a girl commits mistake, she will argue with you for hours and hours and sometimes days weeks and years and after that you will realize that it was your mistake who argued with her and you will end up saying the so called word SORRY!!!.
  • If a girl commits mistake, she knows that she did a mistake, but still she will argue with you saying that YOU ARE WRONG. When you try to explain the scenario and the time when she realize that her fault has been trapped, she will start crying and YOU WILL END UP SAYING SORRY ACCEPTING IT AS YOUR MISTAKE.

*Note :- There are 1,05,91,434 more consequences which i wont be able to tell you in this short post.

If you want to BECOME a very SUCCESSFUL person in your life, you must know how to deal with a girl. If you know how to Deal with a GIRL then you can deal with anything in your life to any extent without compromise and TRUST ME, YOU WILL BE THE CHAMP.

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Chunnilal & Chunaria Devi   Leave a comment

Chunnilal & Chunaria Devi

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Borderless World : A Myth or Reality?   1 comment

Have you ever thought a WORLD without BORDER? Or did you even get a chance to think of it? No, right? Yes, even i am also the one among you guys.

According to me i understand that a BORDER-LESS world is nothing but a UNITED WORLD where people will be having same OPINIONS and MOTTO. They will not fight for anything and will be maintaining PEACE and HARMONY.

From ancient time the borders were being made and which cant be easily broken. It started with a HOUSE, then VILLAGE, then CITY, then STATE, then COUNTRY, then CONTINENT and finally a WORLD. Earlier people used to live in JOINT FAMILY whereas now they prefer to live in a NUCLEAR FAMILY because they forgot the DICTIONARY MEANING of the so called word COMPROMISE. BARTER SYSTEM started serving this world but couldn’t last for long and hence was replaced by a term called as MONEY wherein APPROPRIATE MEASUREMENT could be done for the things which they were suppose to exchange. SOCIAL CLASS came into existence defining UPPER CLASS, MIDDLE CLASS and LOWER CLASS.  CASTE, CREED and RELIGION came into existence discriminating people. INDIA has giving SHELTER to everyone irrespective of their RELIGION.  INDIA is a SECULAR STATE, but why there is REGIONAL DISCRIMINATION? Now, discrimination is also divided into several parts and sub-parts, starting from NORTH – SOUTH – WEST – EAST whereas sub-parts are divided into their respective states and cities.If a person is migrated from DELHI to CHENNAI, he/she will be termed as a NORTH INDIAN and vice-versa. When a RIOT happens, it makes people to live like a REFUGEE in their OWN COUNTRY leaving the migrated places to their own respective places where they could expect themselves to be safe. POLITICIANS who are actually INSANE, takes major advantage and are held responsible for creating BORDER. 

I would like to conclude the following when can we start thinking of creating a BORDERLESS WORLD.

1. The day when the DIFFERENCE in CURRENCY will be OVER, like 1$ = Rs. 55  1$ = RS. 1

2. The day when people will start thinking of OTHERS leaving their SELFISHNESS BEHIND.

3. The day when every human being has only one single MOTTO and OPINION.

4. The day when CASTE, CREED and RELIGION including RACISM comes to an end.

5. The day when people start living in PEACE and HARMONY.

6. The day when people start accepting INTER-CASTE LOVE MARRIAGES.

7. The day when people in this world start TREATING EACH OTHER EQUALLY leaving their SOCIAL CLASS BEHIND.

8. The day when WEAPONS will be DISPOSED and the TERRORISTS will SURRENDER.

9. The day when CORRUPTION will be ended.

10. Last but not the least, the day when YOU and I becomes WE and YOURS and MINE becomes OURS.

This is a NEVER ENDING discussion and we do have lot of points to debate on this. So, in short, i would like to say that this is a MYTH.

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